Photo: Messinis-Art/RU LIN | Hobart – Tasmania

Stavros Messinis studied journalism, photography, literature and arts in Greece and Australia. He is mainly interested in art photography, painting and literature and especially in poetry.  He worked as journalist and editor for various newspapers, magazines and radio stations. He also founded and managed the book publishing house Elikia Books in Melbourne and the news website The site won the first award from the Ministry for Press of Greece for 2001, presented by the former President of the Hellenic Republic, Costis Stefanopoulos. Currently he works in various photography based art projects.

He has published five poetic compositions in Greek: Ωρα Μηδέν (Elikia Books,1983), Δεντρόπολη (Elikia Books,1987), Εαρ το Πρώτο (Elikia Books, 1988, M-ART Books, 2018), Το Σπίτι των Υακίνθων (2010, e-book) and Καλειδοσκόπιο (2010, e-book). Steve was also co-editor, together with Thanasis Spilias, of the bilingual anthology Reflections – Selected Works from the Greek Australian Literature (Elikia Books, 1988). It was a special edition partially funded by the Australian Bicentennial Authority to celebrate Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988. He also has published two limited edition numbered and signed photo books: Poetics – Mediated Memories (M-ART Books, 2017) and Sovereign Sun (M-ART Books, 2017).

His artworks were exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions: Poetics – Mediated Memories,  Steps Gallery (March 2018), Antipodean Palette, Steps Gallery (August 2017), Salon 2017 Centre of Contemporary Photography (Melbourne, December 2017), Poetics: Mediated Memories, West End Art Space (December 2017), Sovereign Sun, Solo exhibition, Steps Gallery (March 2018), CCP Salon 2018 (Centre of Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, December 2018). 



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