Recent studies underline the continuous and rapid change in our relationship with images, while theorists and scientists talk about the consequences of these changes – from increased anxiety symptoms to memory impairment.

n the “Poetics – Mediated Memories” series, Stavros Messinis uses a number of randomly selected digital images, taken in the 1400 year old Chinese city of Yangshuo (2016), to investigate the ways in which today’s digital media shape our memories and remembrances, and how they can be used to penetrate and project feelings and emotions using forms, light and colour, recreating and reconstructing memories.

Deconstructing and erasing the pictures through a process of technological reproduction and manipulation, he arranges and reconstructs memory sources of visual information to create new images – recreating and recollecting memories. And the result is artworks strong in colour, powerful in appearance and composition, and with a poetic visual quality, achieving a perfect harmony between art and technology.

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