Publisher: M-Art Books
Publishing date: January 2020
ISBN: 978-0-9953707-3-9

Size: 280 mm (H) x 180 mm (W)
Total pages: 36 pages
Language: English

The urge to leave a mark, a message or a design on a wall has been around for thousands of years. The different layers of paint, colour, and marks left on various surfaces by people underline the passage of time, the continuity and connection with the past.

The series Rebirth is inspired by Abstract Expressionism and artists like Franz Kline, Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollock and the photographer Aaron Siskind. Abstract expressionists were using colour, texture, lines and light to express their emotions. Their goal was to create a new world from the chaos and destruction of the old. Colour, cracks, gestures, writings and symbols on surfaces create emotional responses to the viewer and give new meaning to ephemeral and temporal world. Each image is composed with various layers of paint, colour, markins and other material. Each layer has each history and ephemeral life.

With close-up photos of such surfaces something new is created – the birth of a new life. By removing them from the decaying walls and other surfaces and placing them in a new frame, it is a process of new life creation. A new object that carries of traces of its past – the seeds for a new life. The new images are a freezing moment of birth and decay.

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