• 2024 Finalist, William & Winifred Bowness Photography Prize (MAPh)
  • 2022 Finalist, Australian Photobook Awards
  • 2022 Australian Photobook Awards: Second prize Student Pre-press (Digital)


Iland Project:

  • Photobook – Limited edition, handcrafted and inkjet printed on specialty papers
  • Sculptural installation – Leporello format, inkjet printed on specialty paper 298gcm, displayed on a be-spoke table base (40cmx500cm)
  • Prints – Inkjet printed, various sizes

Iland: Sculptural installation in leporello format at the Greek Centre for Contemporary Culture, Melbourne  | April/May 2022

The Iland series is a captivating exploration of visual storytelling and poetic expression.

The Iland photopoetic series is the culmination of more than two years of research and experimentation during my postgraduate studies. This project examines the relationship between photography and poetry, and the role of photopoetry in contemporary photography by exploring the multifaceted concept of homeland. In Iland, photopoetry is conceptualised as an art form that uses visual imagery to evoke profound emotions and convey layered meanings, much like poetry. This project asserts that contemporary photopoetry can effectively communicate intricate narratives without always relying on text, adapting and evolving alongside modern photographic practices.

Inspired by Constantine Cavafy’s poem Ithaca and Homer’s epic poem Odyssey, this series delves into themes of homecoming and the profound significance of personal journeys. Odyssey recounts Odysseus’ epic quest to return home, to Ithaca, after the Trojan War, navigating trials from mythical creatures to vengeful gods in pursuit of reunion and reclaiming his kingship. Cavafy’s Ithaca offers a reflective metaphor for life’s journey, emphasizing the experiences, challenges, and wisdom gained along the way. Together, these works explore universal themes of longing, belonging, and the transformative power inherent in personal odyssey. The Iland project is a reflection of these influences, portraying a journey to a homeland and a photopoetic space that embodies my artistic self-expression.

The project includes a photobook, a sculptural installation, and a series of prints of varying sizes. Through deliberate composition, precise spatial arrangement, nuanced exposure techniques, thoughtful sequencing, and meticulous editing, the project aims to immerse its audience in a sensory and contemplative experience. The visual narratives within Iland are crafted to resonate with metaphor, emotion, and intrigue, reflecting the transformative processes of translating light into poignant visual stories.

Iland offers an external perspective on the concept of homeland, inviting viewers to contemplate the dynamics of movement and displacement inherent in personal and ancestral journeys. The sculptural installation is designed to engage viewers from multiple perspectives, facilitating a non-linear exploration that mirrors the project’s thematic emphasis on the indefinite and allegorical nature of journeys.

The use of black and white images re-photographed and scanned multiple times adds texture and a sense of temporal depth to the final images (photopoems), enhancing the poetic effect of the project. The sculptural installation provides a unique and immersive viewing experience, while the series of printed images showcases a diverse range of techniques employed in the project. These include blending layers or fragments of photos with textured surfaces, incorporating images related to the concept of homeland, and integrating stills from related videos. The deliberate use of yellow color in some key images serves as a symbolic element, representing energy, new life, and hope. This choice enriches the thematic exploration of emotional and psychological landscapes associated with the concept of homeland.

Iland is well positioned within both Australian and international contexts, resonating deeply with narratives of migration and offering a poignant exploration of the universal human quest for a sense of place.