2022 Australian Photobook Awards: Second prize Student Pre-press (Digital)

The Iland photopoetry series is a captivating exploration of visual storytelling and poetic expression.

Iland is Stavros Messinis new photopoetic series and the culmination of four years of research and artistic exploration during his postgraduate studies.

Through allegorical and metaphorical imagery, the photographs in Iland evoke a journey towards an imaginative “homeland.” Mysterious and surrealistic visuals of clouds, seascapes, landscapes, houses, trees, and people, accompanied by abstract and surrealistic colour video stills, create a visually stimulating and emotionally charged exploration. 

Messinis’s extensive research and experimentation have resulted in a visually striking and thought-provoking series of images. By merging poetry and photography, he pushes the boundaries of contemporary art, exploring the possibilities of photopoetry as an independent form of expression. With his masterful use of light as a poetic medium and personal interventions on the images, his work captivates and resonates with viewers.

Iland takes viewers on a captivating journey into an introspective and poetic realm. It reflects the artist’s unwavering commitment to artistic expression and invites readers to embark on their own personal exploration, finding resonance and meaning within its evocative imagery. This series stands as a testament to Messinis’s artistic vision and dedication to photopoetry, offering a visually captivating and emotionally profound experience.